My Birth Story

I woke up at around 2.30am on Monday morning, feeling unwell and with a touch of diarrhoea, and thought it had something to do with the BBQ dinner we ate the night before. I had tiny cramps all over my tummy and was feeling really uncomfortable.

I finally woke up DH at about 5.30am and told him I was feeling icky. He suggested that I call the hospital, but I waited an hour to see if it would pass and when it didn’t, I rang the midwife and explained what was going on. She suggested that it was probably nothing, but to come in for a CTG scan so they can have a look to see what was going on.

I showered, washed my hair, finished packing my suitcase and then had to wait for DH to shower, wash his hair and shave!! (as I was convinced that it was nothing, he decided he may as well get ready for work in case that it did turn out to be nothing.)

We showed up at the Women’s Assessment Services (Emergency Department) at 7.40am and waited only about 10 minutes before they took us off to a room for monitoring. I was on the monitor for about 60 minutes and all seemed fine and the midwife seemed to think that I wasn’t in labour as the CTG wasn’t showing anything unusual. I had to wait until my OB got to his offices, as the WCH had to contact him before I was allowed to go home.

At 10.30am I went to the toilet and half way there, I thought, My god, I am weeing myself and I can’t hold it in – I didn’t think my bladder control was that bad!! When I got to the toilet there was a little gush and I figured it must have been my waters breaking and got DH to let the midwife know.

I got back on to the bed and kept leaking and my contractions were about every 9 minutes or so, DH went to put money in the parking meter and when he came back at 11.15am, my contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart.

My OB rocked up about midday and said that they wanted to wait for the operating theatre so they could proceed with the C/Section, but they just took someone into theatre and they were going to take me up next at about 1pm – 1.30 pm.

At 1.20pm, my contractions were really strong and the midwives kept telling me to breathe through them, as I had to wait until the theatre was free. I coped with this for about 3 contractions and then yelled at them that I HAD TO PUSH!!!!

At this point my OB was nowhere to be seen, so they pulled some other Dr into the room and told him that he would need to deliver my baby. I was still in the emergency department as they were worried that I would give birth in the lift, on the way to theatre. I started to push with my next contraction and my OB suddenly appeared and took over. They also rushed down all the neo-natatologists and a heap of support staff and set up an emergency team in the room next door for when Chris was born.

No time for any pain relief – About 4 contractions, a quick ventuse and an awful lot of of amniotic fluid later, Chris was born at 2.08pm, Monday 14th May 2007, weighing in a whopping 5lb 10oz (2550grams) and 17.5 inches (43.5cm) long.

The OB cut the cord and Chris was whisked off next door, so they could check him over and give him some oxygen. They brought him in to me, about 10 mins later and I was allowed to have a 25 sec hold, before he turned blue again and they rushed him upstairs to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). DH went with Chris while the OB and midwife took me upstairs to a delivery suite to deliver the placenta.

Meeting for the first time

I got to meet my boy again about 90 minutes later.


Ultrasound Scan

Christopher is weighing approx 5lb 13oz. and his thigh bone is 6.6cm long.

I am wrapped about his weight – coz the bigger he is when he is born the better it will be in the long run.

He is already engaged, which explains why I am so uncomfortable but only 18 days to go smile.gif

OB Appointment

Another OB appointment with Dr. S. S. today. Blood Pressure good at 120/80. Tummy measurement good, apparently Christopher is growing well, but that will be confirmed on Friday with another Growth Ultrasound.

Barb, Dr S.S. Midwife, gave me another Anti-D injection, which didn’t hurt at all so that was a bonus.

Next OB appointment,will be going over the Caesarean Section procedure and signing all the consent forms etc.

OB Appointment

I went to another OB appointment today, with Dr S.S. Blood pressure was 125/75. So all good there. My tummy measurements were fine.

I mentioned that Christopher had slowed down with his movements, but put it down to him running out of room. He asked whether I was getting 10 or more movements a day? I had no clue I was supposed to keep count!!

I seriously had no worries about it, but he sent me around to the labour ward to be monitored for 45 mins, and his heartbeat hovered about 160bpm and he had about 20 movements on the monitor (I have no idea if that is per minute or for the full 45 mins ???) but the OB was cool about that and I was allowed to go home.

I also have to have to have another growth ultrasound on the 11th of May ( hopefully its the last scan prior to the birth – I really dislike the gel that they use – icky!)

I am still very uncomfortable, but am still enjoying being pregnant, I think because this is likely to be the one and only pregnancy, I want to take advantage of the whole experience.


I have 4 weeks and 6 days to go (yes I am counting) I am very uncomfortable to say the very least.

Christopher is partly engaged to the point where I feel that if I open my legs too wide, he is going to fall out!!

I am having trouble, bending, sitting, standing up, lying down and sleeping. I am up every 2 hours (can almost time it to the minute) to wee during the night, though for some reason (and I am very much appreciating it) I had a 5 hour stretch of sleep last night and am feeling pretty good.

I think the nesting is all out of my system, all I want to do is lay down and possibly nap, whereas I have to see the Dr weekly and I am not enjoying the driving.

Sorry that this post has turned into a bit of a whinge, I am getting to the point of OVER IT!! laugh.gif Just because I am so uncomfortable

Not long until I meet my little man and then the real challenges start.

Ultrasound Scan

Had another ultrasound today (I think that was number 10 unsure.gif).

They couldn’t locate his stomach (though I am positive that they have seen it in a previous scan ??) so who knows what is going on there. More grief for his Mum & Dad I suppose. wacko.gif

Chris is weighing approx 2.7kgs and is about 1 week behind on his dates, so he has caught up a week sm_banana.gif sm_banana.gif. He has chubby thighs, cheeks and tummy and I think he is gorgeous!

Caesarean Section Confirmation

Well it has been confirmed that Christopher will be born a little after 9am on Tuesday 29th of May. This all depends on the fact that he doesn’t come along early.

I have my pre-admission appointment at 2pm on May 2nd, which they ask a whole heap of questions about what my operation will be for, etc.

I can’t believe that in just under 38 Days Greg and I will be parents to one determined little boy.

Wriggly Little Thing

Christopher is still moving about heaps, I had the gameboy resting on my tummy, while I was talking to Greg, and it truly looked like he was going to kick it off! It was kinda cool and kinda weird to watch.

OB Appointment

Another OB appointment with Dr. S.S. today. Blood Pressure was good at 110/80. Christopher’s heartbeat sounded strong. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday 24th, a routine one, to check his growth and heartbeat.

It is looking like my c-section is going to be first thing on the morning of Tuesday 29th May 2007. This still has to be confirmed.

Neonatal Paediatric Appointment

I went and saw Dr. C. A. (Neonatologist) today at the WCH, who went through with me all the problems that have been identified with Christopher and the likely path of of action with each issue.

1. Club Feet (Talipes) – like to be corrected with plaster, though this is not a life threatening problem, which is likely to take a back seat while other problems are addressed.

2. Cleft Lip & Palate – Early issues include Feeding, whilst later issues will include speech and dental/orthodontic problems. Correction of Lip is likely to be within 3 months of birth, whereas correction of the palate is likely to be completed with the first year, depending on feeding and growth issues.

3. Hemi-vertebrate – Likely not to cause problems until Christopher is approx. 13 – 19 years old and may occur with growth spurts. If a problem is to arise due to this issue, its likely to be pain in the back and possible problems with formation of the spine whilst he is growing.

4. Multi-cystic Kidney (right) – will be closely monitored during the first months of life to make sure that the good (left) kidney is coping well with it’s function and also, most likely, in Christopher’s week, an ultrasound and MCU (with dye) will be used to confirm kidney function and to rule out kidney reflux.

5. Heart Defects – Angio-plasty likely to occur in first 48 hours or so, if required, to allow hole to remain open, to allow Christopher to gain strength and weight until his open heart surgery in Melbourne at age approx 6 – 12 months. This is providing he is feeding and growing well and isn’t too “blue”. It may be possible he will have this operation sooner, all being dependant on his progress.

Initial Plan of Action (so far):

1. Heart (Priority)

2. Discovery Phase – to scan kidneys, brain and liver to confirm function and normal development, also to rule out further problems.

3. Genetics – to revisit with the Geneticists to confirm or rule out any syndromes that may be the cause of all of Christopher’s problems.

4. Other issues, including, Talipes; Cleft Lip and Palate and Hemi-Vertebrate to be fixed on an in need basis, depending on Christopher’s progress in early life.

2nd Ultrasound Scan with Paediatric Cardiologist

We had the appointment with Dr. T.R. (Paediatric Cardiologist) at the WCH and had the ultrasound this morning.

The Doctor confirmed the 3 defects that they picked up at the 23 week scan so there was no more surprises which was great. smile.gif I am not sure I could of coped with more surprises.

We still have to play it all by ear in regards to operations etc, BUT if he is strong and has no real problems with his colour or breathing, then we may not need to go to Melbourne for his op until he is 6-12 months old. The Cardiologist was very confident that Chris’s heart can be successfully fixed with surgery HOORAY! smile.gif

OB Check Up

I had an OB appointment today and my Blood Pressure was at 140/85 (has been a very good 125/80) They tested some wee and there was no protein so its not pre-eclampsia (yet). It was put down to my leaving work yesterday, as apparently that can have an effect on Blood Pressure. So hopefully it calms down by next fortnight.

It also looks like my C/S will be around 29th May, with the obvious variables of how I am doing, Chris is doing and Theatre time. But at least now I have more of an idea about the date.

My Dr is also going to talk to a Level 3 Paediatrician at the WCH, to start an action plan about how they will treat Chris after he is born.

I also have another Ultrasound with the Paediatric Cardiologist tomorrow, to have another look at Christopher’s heart and hopefully confirm the previous diagnosis and not find anything else.

3D Scan

We had our 3D scan this afternoon, which was pretty cool, I couldn’t believe the detail you can see. Today’s scan was to concentrate on Christopher’s face and Cleft lip and to see if they could identify whether a Cleft palate was also there. They identified that Chris has a unilateral Cleft Lip (one side only) on his right side. They seem pretty confident that a cleft palate is present (we had kinda resigned ourselves to the fact that he probably would).

Everything else looks fine (though there are things they can’t identify until birth) and I was just happy to see my little man.

Our next scan is the cardiac one on Thursday 5th.

Here is a pic of the scan. You can see that it doesn’t look quite right around his nose area, some of this is his cleft and some of it is distortion.

3D Scan

Greg felt Chris move…

After explaining the exciting time I had bonding with my son this morning to Greg, I could see that he was disappointed that he too could not have experienced it. Christopher has this uncanny gift of stopping all movement, as soon as his Dad is anywhere near my tummy. Greg is convinced that he is doing it on purpose!

You see Greg had yet to feel or see his unborn son, until tonight. As Greg was giving me a kiss goodnight, I could feel a little movement and told Greg to lie on the bed next to me and just place a hand on my belly and be patient. After a little while, I said to Greg “Did you feel that” he said that all he could feel was my heartbeat. I told him that wasn’t my heartbeat, but Christopher with hiccups!! Not entirely convinced, I advised Greg that if I could feel my tummy move and he could also feel something move, then it was definitely his son.

I was so happy that Greg managed to interact with his son, prior to his birth, and I really hope that this will not be the only thing he feels before Christopher is born in approximately 8 weeks time.

Sore Hips and Tummy Ripples

Well I woke up this morning, feeling like my hips had disconnected and every time I stood up, it felt like agony. I decided I would be more use at home than at work today.

While I was at home today, laying on my back but tilted slightly to the left, I received a huge gift from my unborn child. He was playing on and off for about an hour and I could see my tummy move like there was a roller-coaster underneath my skin. I had seen the odd bump every now and then, but nothing to this extreme. It was a truly magical experience. I wish Greg had been there to experience it with me.