Weight – 4300g
Length – 55cm
H/C – 37cm


Christopher was doing reasonably well today. He was quite awake and happy to have cuddles with both Greg and me. He is still on CPAP, but seems to be coping well with it.


Weight – 3800grams

Length – 49cm (approx.)

H/C – 34.5cm


I had chats and smiles with Christopher today. It was a bit of mutual lovin’. He squeaked; cooed and smiled, while I made silly noises at him and smiled back. It was so lovely to have some real interaction with my son. He is such a total joy. Christopher now weighs 3.4kg and is 47.5cm long. he is finally growing steadily and is just that much closer to coming home and I can’t wait. I have been so patient for the last 11 weeks, but now I just want to bring my little man home, which is where he belongs.



Christopher is now wearing his splints and they are very cute. I will take a photo of them tomorrow. He had a very good day, and its likely that Christopher will be home sometime next month. He has a sleep study on July 31 to monitor his breathing and then with a bit of luck he will be home not long after that. Yipeeeee! Can’t wait for that. Its getting harder and harder to leave him of a night after spending the day with him. He is so alert and looks at you quite intently whilst you speak to him, to which he responds with little squeaks, “goos” and “gahs”. He really is such a pleasure to be around. Christopher now weighs 3225 grams and his head circumference is 33.6cm. They haven’t measured his length for a little while, so I am not sure how long he has grown since the last time they measured him.


Weight – 2750grams

Length – 46.5cm

HC – 32cm


Weight – 2540grams


Weight – 2530grams


Weight – 2670 grams

loss of 120 grams – due to the new catheter being put in and his bladder being emptied.


Weight – 2790 grams


Weight – 2700 grams


Weight – 2650 grams

Length – 44.8cm

HC – 32.3 cms