Belly Pic – 35 Weeks


Belly Pic – 32.5 Weeks

Belly Pic – How cool is this? The dress I am wearing, is one I wore to our party the night of our wedding – its been too small for ages and now I can’t believe it fits and I am preggo!! I was very pleased.


Belly Pic – 29 Weeks

29 Weeks

Belly Pic – 25 Weeks

25 Week Belly Pic

Belly Pic – 20 Weeks

My belly seems to have exploded in the last 5 weeks!! wacko.gif

20 Weeks

Belly Pic – 15 Weeks

here is my belly pic

15 Week Belly Pic

Belly Pic – 4 Weeks

This is the first Belly pic – approx 4 weeks Pregnant.

1st Belly Pic - 4 weeks ?