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  1. Pauline said,

    October 15th, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    My dearly beloved friends…I do not know what to say…I had just opened up my email as I have been away at a conference in Melbourne and had not checked in for awhile…My heart is breaking for all of you…Both Roger and I can’t believe it….he was doing so well…I know Christopher has finished this journey but he has another one happening…His memory is alive inside of all who knew him…if not in the flesh through the wonderful diary that you had created from his conception and his great smile…Christopher is a leading light into a dark journey..he came into this world and left his mark….he leaves this world with a lot of love to help him on his next journey…We are very proud and priviliged that you and Greg shared Christopher with us…he has left a very lasting impression on both of us…Our thoughts, tears and love are with all of you now and forever more….Rest in peace little man…you will always be my little knight in shining armour….Our love goes with you….

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