Christopher’s new lip! After all the will they won’t they have a bed in HDU yesterday, all went according to plan and Christopher had his Cleft Lip repaired and also had grommets inserted into his ears. The operation, from the time I kissed him goodbye in the operating theatre, to when he was brought to HDU was about 2 hours. I had a couple of tears when I saw him as he looked so beautiful with his perfect little nose and tiny mouth. I can’t wait to see his “new” smile 🙂

He has splints in his nostrils, which will stay in situ for about a week and will be taken out when the stitches are removed. Poor little boy, looks so sore and a is quite clingy.

This morning before the operation:

After the operation:



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  1. Josie said,

    September 26th, 2007 at 7:55 am

    Was thinking of you all day !
    Pleased to hear all went well.
    can`t wait to see “the new Christopher”
    (was a bit partial to the old one actually)
    take care.
    love to all
    XXX Josie

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