A bit unsettled

Poor Christopher was a little unsettled. He still has quite a bit of gunk in his lungs, so when he coughs, stuff gets stuck in his throat and he gags and sometimes vomits. This happened 4 or 5 times today. We needed to use suction to clear his mouth and throat. I wore at least two of the cough/gag/vomit episodes! Ugh!

Christopher’s trans-pyloric tube also dislodged this evening (third time to date) and instead of being 1cm of tube externally, there was about 20cm! So his feeds were once again ceased and he was placed back on the IV fluids only, until tomorrow, when they can replace the TPT in Radiology.  So that will be another adventure for Christopher this weekend. I really hope that this won’t change too many future plans for Christopher??

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