Christopher’s New Feet

Christopher had his fourth set of plasters removed today. The Orthopaedic Physio, was really happy with the way his feet have straightened out, so she graduated Christopher to splints. They are very cute and it looks like Chris is about to hit the slopes and go snow-boarding.

He will have to wear the splints for 22 hours a day and this will reduce by one hour each month, until Christopher only needs to wear them when he sleeps. These will be in place until he is approx. 4 years old. Hopefully this will be all he requires to fix his Talipes. If they do start to bend again, then Christopher will need an operation to lengthen his Achilles Tendon.
Before & During

may-276.jpg 30-aug-07-1.jpg

After & Snow Boarding!


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  1. mel bevin said,

    September 20th, 2007 at 10:46 am

    wow! It’s amazing how much difference it has already made. What a champ!

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