Week 31 – 32

Your baby weighs about 1.7kg (1,700 grams or approximately 3 lbs 12 ozs) and measures about 43 cm from head to toe (or just under 17 inches).

Your baby has now put on enough weight to make them look a little chubby! The fine hair that covered their entire body (called lanugo) now disappears from their face, but remains on their torso. Most babies sleep about 90% of the time at this stage, in between having shorts bursts of movement when awake (every 1 to 2 hours). Many unborn babies like to be active during the evenings when their mother is trying to sleep, between 9pm and 1am!
Your baby’s lungs continue to mature, producing increasing amounts of ‘surfactant’. This is a fatty liquid (called phospholipid) that lines their lungs, keeping them moist and helping the sacs within them (called alveoli) to expand efficiently for breathing. Your baby’s sucking and swallowing action (required to drink milk) fully coordinates between 32 to 34 weeks.

3D Scan

We had our 3D scan this afternoon, which was pretty cool, I couldn’t believe the detail you can see. Today’s scan was to concentrate on Christopher’s face and Cleft lip and to see if they could identify whether a Cleft palate was also there. They identified that Chris has a unilateral Cleft Lip (one side only) on his right side. They seem pretty confident that a cleft palate is present (we had kinda resigned ourselves to the fact that he probably would).

Everything else looks fine (though there are things they can’t identify until birth) and I was just happy to see my little man.

Our next scan is the cardiac one on Thursday 5th.

Here is a pic of the scan. You can see that it doesn’t look quite right around his nose area, some of this is his cleft and some of it is distortion.

3D Scan

Greg felt Chris move…

After explaining the exciting time I had bonding with my son this morning to Greg, I could see that he was disappointed that he too could not have experienced it. Christopher has this uncanny gift of stopping all movement, as soon as his Dad is anywhere near my tummy. Greg is convinced that he is doing it on purpose!

You see Greg had yet to feel or see his unborn son, until tonight. As Greg was giving me a kiss goodnight, I could feel a little movement and told Greg to lie on the bed next to me and just place a hand on my belly and be patient. After a little while, I said to Greg “Did you feel that” he said that all he could feel was my heartbeat. I told him that wasn’t my heartbeat, but Christopher with hiccups!! Not entirely convinced, I advised Greg that if I could feel my tummy move and he could also feel something move, then it was definitely his son.

I was so happy that Greg managed to interact with his son, prior to his birth, and I really hope that this will not be the only thing he feels before Christopher is born in approximately 8 weeks time.

Sore Hips and Tummy Ripples

Well I woke up this morning, feeling like my hips had disconnected and every time I stood up, it felt like agony. I decided I would be more use at home than at work today.

While I was at home today, laying on my back but tilted slightly to the left, I received a huge gift from my unborn child. He was playing on and off for about an hour and I could see my tummy move like there was a roller-coaster underneath my skin. I had seen the odd bump every now and then, but nothing to this extreme. It was a truly magical experience. I wish Greg had been there to experience it with me.

Cot Shopping

We have just bought Christopher’s cot and it gets delivered on Tuesday 10th April.

Here it is:

It starts off as a cot and drawers that can be used as the change table:


It then converts to a toddler bed (still with change table):


Then it converts to a single bed with drawers:


We also got the under-bed drawers for added storage:


Its so exciting, for us anyway, knowing that we have somewhere for our little man to sleep and that nursery is now all finished!!

More Appointments

I am booked in for the 3D scan on Wednesday 28/3 at 4pm and they want to concentrate on his cleft lip and his face.

Then on Thursday 5th at 11am, Chris, DH and I meet up again with the Paediatric Cardiologist for another ultrasound to look at his heart again.

Ultrasound Scan

I had another ultrasound today to see if Christopher has caught up in his dates. He still is 1.5 weeks behind, but is growing steadily.

They didn’t find anything else wrong with him (thank goodness), but they did confirm all that they had previously picked up.

We got to see Chris’ hands open and close and now have two very cute pics of his left and right hand.

His next cardiac ultrasound, should be in the next week or so.

We are being booked in sometime in the next 2 weeks for a 3D scan to concentrate on his face and cleft lip.

We ended up being 1 hour late for my OB appointment. Blood pressure was normal 125/70 and it looks like we are still heading for a c-sect at 38 weeks.

Belly Pic – 29 Weeks

29 Weeks

Week 29 – 30

Your baby now weighs about 1,350 grams (approximately 3 lbs) and measures about 40 cm in length (or 15.75 inches).

Your baby’s bones are now mature enough to start producing their own blood supply from their bone marrow, taking over this task from their liver and spleen. During the last 3 months unborn babies begin to store iron in their liver (supplied from their mother’s body). This is Nature’s way of meeting their iron requirements until they start eating solids, about 4 to 6 months after birth.
From week 30 your baby develops a special layer of fat called ‘brown adipose tissue’ (or BAT). This is similar to the kind of fat found in hibernating animals. BAT is your baby’s main source of heat production after birth, because newborn babies have a limited ability to shiver, sweat or move to regulate their own body temperature.

Your baby’s brain is increasing in size and complexity and the pupils of their eyes can now respond to light, allowing your baby to focus more readily and see dim shapes.

Movement and Weight Gain

I have to have a Growth scan next Wednesday, to see how Christopher is doing as he was about 2 weeks behind at my last scan. I have always been told that I will be induced at 38 weeks, but if he is still on the small side my OB, wants to let him bake a little longer. When my OB measure me with a tape measure, he said I was on par with my dates.

Chris has been really active too, lots of kicks, punches and somersaults, sometimes it feels almost continuous, but its very reassuring to have so much activity, especially with all his problems.

My Blood sugar is all under control which is great – so that is one less thing I have to worry about.

I have put on 10.4kgs in total, which I don’t think is too bad. I am still wearing my normal clothes, I just wear a belly belt with my trousers, more for comfort than anything else, though Greg tells me continuously how “huge” I am!

OB Check Up

Got back from my OB check up with Dr. S. S. today. We listened to Christopher’s heartbeat, which as always sounded nice and strong. He also felt around my tummy to see where my uterus started and finished, and used a tape measure to make sure that I am within my dates (apparently I am). I am hovering at the lower end of a healthy Iron Level of 113 (110 is the cut-off), so I was given the option of taking some Iron supplements, which I will, as I have been feeling extremely tired by the end of each day.

Dr S.S.  also gave me a referral back to the Ultrasound Clinic to have a growth scan done, as Chris measured about 10 days behind on the last one. He wants to make sure that he is growing well. Also if it works out that he is still a bit on the small side, then he hinted at the fact that Chris would likely stay in-utero longer and not arrive at 38 weeks as previously planned.

This growth scan is in addition to the second scan that I need to have with the Cardiologist (at 30 weeks) at the WCH. That scan will be to review his earlier diagnosis and (hopefully – fingers crossed) not find anything else wrong with Chris’s little heart.

Week 27 – 28

Your baby is about 37cm long (or 14.8 inches) and weighs about 1,100 grams (or 2lb 7 oz). Many babies of this gestation like to lie in a breech position.
Your baby is now developing their immune system, as your natural antibodies pass to them through the placenta. They are now capable of starting to coordinate their ‘suck and swallow’ action that will be needed for them to drink milk after being born. However, this reflex is not fully mature until 32 to 34 weeks. Your baby may look around and is capable of distinguishing light from dark and tracking movement.