I went to the OB on Thursday and had the usual check of BP and he had a poke around my tummy to have a feel of the uterus etc. He also brought out the doppler and I am thinking ‘Cool, I get to hear Beans heartbeat again.’ It took him about 30 secs (only took about 5 secs last time) to find the baby’s heartbeat, I had to say that I held my breath a little and felt quite relieved when I heard that familiar sound. Phew!

I also haven’t felt Bean again, so it was either wind or he/she just swam to far!!

I am feeling good and I think I am starting to get some more energy, so thats great – not wasting my weekends by sleeping.

Shopping for Baby

I have bought a car seat and stroller for Bean which is pretty exciting and DH just bought some Winnie the Pooh Stickers (off ebay) for the Nursery Wall and I can’t wait to get them and put them up.

I am really starting to get excited about this whole PG thing – its starting to become very real to me smile.gif It has only taken 17 weeks !!

Week 17 – 18

Your baby measures about 19 cm long from head to toe (or 7.6 inches) and weighs about 280 grams (9.8 ounces).

Your baby’s skin is still fine, transparent and slightly wrinkled because they do not have a layer of fat yet. The many blood vessels flowing underneath their skin makes it appear purply-red. The scant whiskers of hair on various parts of your baby’s body have now become a fine layer of down covering them all over (called ‘lanugo’). This hair helps protect your baby’s skin and is only shed a few weeks before they are due to be born.

Your baby will now explore their own body with their hands and if you are having twins or more they may try and locate each other, by touching and exploring the body of their brother or sister. There is plenty of fluid around your baby at this stage, allowing them to turn, twist and change position frequently.

Belly Pic – 15 Weeks

here is my belly pic

15 Week Belly Pic

I am a big Emotional Sook

Is it normal to be a little over-emotional during Pregnancy??

I left work after 4 hours this morning, because a customer upset me on the phone (not really what she said, but how she said it – huge sarcasm) But this woman really upset me, and once the tears started I couldn’t stop.

I cried all the way home in the car (30 min drive) and I bought chocolate as comfort food for when I got home.

I am not normally overly emotional (teary) and don’t think that my moods or emotions have been all that uneven since becoming pg.

I have been a little teary on and off for the rest of today (I couldn’t of stayed at work even if I wanted too – I would of been useless).

So I am sitting here feeling kind of sick after eating a hole block (250g wacko.gif ) – of top deck chocolate, feeling a little stupid that this got to me so badly.

P.S. I also hate to get upset at work, as I hate to think that some people may think that I am weak – for lack of a better word.

I gotta stop eating…

Bean is just taking up too much precious stomach space, I just had a handful of grapes and feel like I ate the whole damn vine. And Bean isn’t even all that big yet!!! Sheesh 24.gif

Fluid Retention

No fluid retention here and I have put on 4 kgs, so hope that’s not too much.

Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep…

I slept about 30 hours this last weekend, and as much as I love sleep, I really would like some energy back.

Oooh – I think I felt Bean today. I was sitting at my desk at work, and felt this little “woosh” in my lower right side of my abdomen. It felt like when you get a rush of excitement in your tummy IYKWIM???

Week 15 – 16

Your baby has grown to around 15 cms in length (or 6 inches) from head to toe, or about 10cms (or 4 inches) from ‘crown to rump’. They probably weigh about 120 grams (or 4.2 ounces) and are more in proportion physically, but their head still accounts for about 1/3 of their body.

Your baby’s vocal chords are now formed and they now make different facial expressions. They can grasp with their hands and suck their thumb and may explore the inside of your uterus with their hands. If your uterus is pressed from the outside, this may produce a small startle response in your baby.

The amniotic fluid increases around your baby, so they move freely, floating like an astronaut in space and their umbilical cord is now completely mature. The cord contains two arteries and one vein, enclosed and protected by a thick gristle-like substance called ‘Wharton’s Jelly’. This makes the cord slippery and allows it to move freely around your baby and avoid compression.

Your baby is now bigger than their placenta, but you could still cradle them in one hand.