20 Week Scan

I have my 20 week scan on Jan 9th.

I am still lots tired – did not go to work today – stayed at home and slept!!

DH also advised me this evening that my ass is spreading. then back-pedalled and said it must just be my hips spreading….. hmmm

biggrin.gif strange

Too Late for Scan

Well I had my OB appointment yesterday, and was advised that it was too late for the 12 week scan but that’s no big deal as I wasn’t hung up on having one done. smile.gif

Anyway I heard Bean’s heartbeat at 150-160 bpm so that was pretty cool.

Week 13 – 14

Your baby is now 9 cm long (or 3.6 inches) and weighs approximately 50 grams (or 1.75 ounces). Many women notice a renewed burst of energy by this stage, but may feel concerned because they do not experience as many obvious signs of pregnancy (and it is too early to feel the reassuring movements of their baby yet). You may need to loosen the clothing around your waistline now, but at this stage many women say they feel they just look ‘fat’, rather than pregnant! From here on in, your baby will grow quite rapidly and in the coming weeks your belly will quickly ‘pop out’!

Your baby’s body now grows more rapidly than their head.

Your baby now has a gag reflex and their nose and nasal passages are fully developed.

Work and Annual Leave

I have told everyone at work- I got so many hugs and kisses and heaps of “that’s so exciting” it made me feel all gooey inside!!

I had my first day back at work today after 3 weeks annual leave, I was surprisingly full of beans (pardon the pun). I also found out that from Jan 1, our Paid Maternity Leave is increased from 6 to 12 weeks!! I am absolutely stoked!!

12 Week Scan – Revisited

DH has convinced me to have the 12(ish) week u/s – I think he wants to see Bean again!

We have now told EVERYONE. I started telling the rest of the family and friends at 11 weeks as I couldn’t hold the news in any more without bursting!!

I am not sure if I am actually showing yet or not (only because I had a tummy to start with), but I do find that my clothes are a little tighter around the waist, as that has been thickening up a bit.

I have put on 1.7kgs in the last 12 weeks, which my friend (who is a mid-wife) says is fine as all the extra blood and stuff floating around.

I have been quite blocked/dried up in the nose and sinus’? I read that this can be a symptom, but its kind of annoying not to be able to breathe through my nose when I want too!!

Week 12

This marks the end of the 1st trimester (or the first 3 months of pregnancy) and the beginning of the 2nd trimester (the second 3 months of pregnancy).

It has now been 70 days since your baby was conceived and they measure about 7.6 cm (or 3.04 inches) and weigh approximately 30 grams (about 1 ounce). As your uterus grows upwards and out of the bones of your pelvis, the pressure is taken off your bladder and your waistline may start to thicken.

Your baby’s bones are now changing from being soft and flexible (made of cartilage) to being more hardened, as the centre of them ‘ossifies’. Your baby is now capable of making creeping and climbing movements, although for most women their baby is still too small to be aware of them. Very fine whiskers of hair start to appear on your baby’s upper lips and eyebrows.

The placenta is now fully functional but remains larger in size than the baby (until about 16 weeks). The placenta supplies your baby with oxygen, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as removing carbon dioxide and waste materials, by ‘filtering’ or ‘sieving’ them through the placental tissues attached to the uterus. This intricate process is called ‘diffusion’ and the exchange is possible because the blood vessels of the mother and baby are incredibly close together, yet remarkably always stay separate.

Your baby’s bowels are now able to expand and contract (called ‘peristalsis’) and from now on they start filling with a black-green, tar-like substance that will be their first bowel motion passed after the birth, called ‘meconium’.

OMG – I am gonna be a Mum!!!

How weird is this? I have not been overly excited about being pregnant (more of it not sinking in and a bit of self preservation I think), but today I had this rush over me, and I thought – OMG, I am gonna be a mum!!!

I just thought – this is really exciting and I can’t wait until little Bean is in my arms. What a sop!!

Week 11

Your baby is now around 5 cm long (or 2 inches) from crown to rump and weighing about 8 grams (or 0.28 ounces). Nearly doubling in size during the last week! By the end of this week your uterus will grow up out of the bones of your pelvis.

Your baby now has the early components of sucking and swallowing (although not mature until 24 to 28 weeks) and their taste buds are mature enough to taste the amniotic fluid that surrounds them. Your baby’s kidneys are now functioning and secreting fluid into their bladder. Fluid they will soon pass as a type of ‘urine’ into the amniotic fluid. This cycle of swallowing and urinating amniotic fluid continues up until birth.

12 Week Scan

I am thinking about not bothering with the U/S and blood test that looks at the risk factor for Down Syndrome. I know its not a necessity and I wouldn’t discontinue the pregnancy, if there was a problem.

No Morning Sickness

Well I am now at 10 weeks 2 days and still no sign of MS – so I am going to bite the bullet and say that its not going to affect me at all!! (am I tempting fate or what?)

Week 10

Your baby measures about 3.5 cm (or 1.4 inches) and weighs about 5 grams (or 0.18 ounces). By the end of this week all your baby’s major organs will be in place. Over the following months before birth, they will continue to grow and mature.

Your baby’s legs are now longer than their arms and the large muscles in their arms and legs have developed, forming thick bands of padding between their skin and underlying bones. Your baby’s brain and nervous system are maturing, their muscles and nerves now working together to facilitate your baby’s first movements. Initially the movements are only small, jerky and uncoordinated and the baby is far too small for the mother to feel any movements within. Your baby now has primitive reflexes and can respond to touch if stroked on the palm of their hands or the soles of their feet.

Your baby can now open their jaw and stretch. Their body is straighter and small ribs can be seen through their chest. Their digestive system is developing rapidly and they are about to have a growth spurt!

9 Week Scan

I had my scan today and I have ONE (that’s one) little bean. Yipeeeeeeeeee

New EDD is 5 June, but because of my Diabetes, they will induce me at 38 weeks.

Got a couple of pics, but they literally look like nothing but smudges – biggrin.gif

9 Week Scan